About the Clinic

Our goal at Lancer Dermatology is to provide each patient with expert skin care and a personalized, first-class experience.


Our team consists of tenured nurses who have been personally trained by Dr. Lancer to deliver the highest level of service and care to our patients. Dr. Lancer believes that the best way to foster trust and commitment amongst patients is to have a Knowledgeable and familiar team at his side. The Lancer Nursing Team is an elite and talented group of professionals who are always on hand to assist with all patient consultations and procedures.


Dr. Lancer’s skilled aestheticians possess decades of experience providing customized services and treatments to patients. Trained by Dr. Lancer himself, our aesthetician team is comprised of multilingual, highly-professional and sought-after experts who are proficient in The Lancer Method protocols as well as all of the Services & Technologies offered exclusively at the Lancer Dermatology Clinic. With revolutionized procedures and tools, our team is able to provide a personalized, best-in-class experience to every patient.


This website is currently shared by two separate businesses. One of the businesses, Lancer Skincare, sells a line of cosmetic products developed by Dr. Harold A. Lancer and is owned by Lancer Skincare LLC. The other business using this website is Dr. Lancer’s Dermatology Clinic, a clinical dermatology practice that is owned by Forefront Dermatology – Pacific, P.C. These businesses are separate legal entities and share no common ownership.